WEDNESDAY (24.01.2018)


14:00 – 16:00 PARIS Steering Committee (closed) (Chair: V. Nanal)


THURSDAY (25.01.2018)


9:00 -10:00 Session 1: Status of PARIS (Chair: M. Kicińska-Habior)

K.Rusek & P. Napiorkowski (Warsaw) – Welcome (10’)

A.Maj (Krakow) – “Status of the PARIS Project and the PARIS Collaboration” (25’+5’)

V.Nanal (Mumbai) – “News from the PARIS Scientific Council” (15’+5’)

Coffee break

10:30-12:45 Session 2: PARIS@GANIL (Chair: V. Nanal)

S. Leoni (Milano) & M. Ciemala (Krakow) – “Results from the first AGATA-PARIS-VAMOS experiment” (30’+5’)

B.Fornal, S. Leoni (Krakow) – „Gamma decay from near-threshold states in 14C: a probe of clusterization phenomena in open quantum systems” (15’+3’)

P.Bednarczyk (Krakow) – “Investigation of a high spin structure in 44Ti via discrete and continuum γ-spectroscopy” (15’+3’)

A.Maj (Krakow) – “Study of giant and pygmy resonances in exotic nuclei at LISE” (15’+3’)

J.Grebosz (Krakow) – „Is it possible to have a ‘complete’ on-line analysis for ‘AGATA + VAMOS + PARIS+…’ experiments?” (15’+3’)

Lunch (12:45 – 13:45)


14:00-15:00 Open PARIS Collaboration Council meeting (Chairs: V.Nanal/D.Jenkins)

A.Maj PCC Warsaw 25.01.2018.pdf

Minutes of PARIS Collaboration Council 6th September 2016.pdf

PARIS Collaboration Council Meeting.pdf


15:00 – 16:45 Session 3: PARIS@Orsay (Chair: J. Gerl)

I.Matea (Orsay) – “Opportunities for PARIS at ALTO facility” (15’+3’)

M.Harca (Dubna) – “Prompt γ-rays as a probe of nuclear dynamics with PARIS@IPNO” (15’+3’)

Liqiang Qi  (Orsay) – “The study of gamma emission in the fission process” (15’+3’)

M.Babo (Orsay) – „Beta-delayed beyond-threshold spectroscopy program at ALTO using the MONSTER and PARIS spectrometers” (15’+3’)

M.Kmiecik (Krakow) – “Feeding of low-energy structures in 188Pt of different deformations by the GDR decay” (15’+3’)

P.J.Napiorkowski (Warsaw) – „Coulex of SD band in 40Ca” (15’+3’)

Coffee break

17:15 – 19:00  Session 4: PARIS in other facilities (Chair: W. Catford)

A.Maj (Krakow) “Opportunities for PARIS in Polish NLC laboratories in Warsaw and Krakow” (15’+3’)

M.Kmiecik (Krakow) „Collective modes excited in the inelastic scattering of fast protons at CBB Krakow” (15’+3’)

B.Fornal, M. Ciemala (Krakow) „Study of M4 resonance decay in 13C at CCB Krakow” (15’+3’)

F.Camera (Milano) – “PARIS@LNL/SPES” (15’+3’)

V.Nanal (Mumbai) – “Possibilities for PARIS in TIFR Mumbai” (15’+3’)

E.Grodner (Warsaw) – “HPGe-LaBr-LaBr triple gamma coincidences technique in Fast-timing experiments” (15’+3’)


19:30– 21:30 Working Dinner



FRIDAY (26.01.2018)


9:00 – 10:30 Session 5: New Ideas for coupling PARIS to other detectors (Chair: I. Matea)

M.Palacz (Warsaw) – “NEDA status and opportunities with PARIS” (15’+3’)

W.Catford (Guildford) – “GASPARD status and PARIS” (15’+3’)

Y.Sobolev (Dubna) – “Opportunities for PARIS in JINR Dubna” (15’+3’)

J.Gerl (Darmstadt) – “Opportunities for PARIS at HISPEC/DESPEC@FAIR” (15’+3’)

F.Camera (Milano) – “Novel scintillators for gamma spectroscopy” (15’+3’)

Coffee break

11:00 – 13:00 Session 6: Testing PARIS Array (Chair: M. Stanoiu)

V.Nanal (Mumbai) – “PARIS tests in Mumbai” (15’+3’)

B.Wasilewska (Krakow) – “PARIS tests in ELBE and ATOMKI Debrecen” (15’+3’)

M.Ciemala (Krakow) – “PARIS response to LICORNE detectors” (15’+3’)

I.Mazumdar (Mumbai) – “Characterization of a 2×2 array of large square bars of LaBr3:Ce detectors with gamma-rays up to 22.5 MeV” (15’+3’)

M.Jastrząb (Krakow) – “Towards SiPM readout for Phoswich” (15’+3’)


A.Maj (Krakow) – “PARIS Collaboration Meeting Concluding Remarks” (15’)


13:00 – 14:00 Lunch


14:00 HIL visit